Trackman Simulator

Trackman indoor golf

When it comes to data, accuracy and hitting real distances indoors, you can only rely on the best technology available. 84 of the top 100 ranked players in the world, along with thousands of coaches only use TrackMan when it matters. With TrackMan you get the best of the best, both outdoors and indoors.

Real Golf

When the world’s best players battle for the title come Sunday afternoon, accurate shot making separates the winner from the field. To unleash their full potential, these high performing players use TrackMan’s technologies in their daily routines – week in, week out, all year round, indoors as well as outdoors. This transformative, tour graded technology is now available in a golf simulator environment, finally enabling indoor golf to be efficient, entertaining and hyper-realistic.



I own one, and I use it regularly… when I was struggling with my swing a little bit last year, I started using it a lot. It’s a really helpful tool if you use it correctly.
Rory McIlroy
I enjoy spending time on it because it’s almost a game, but it gives me exact numbers. At the level that I’m playing golf, I need to be precise and this machine is.
Ian Poulter
TrackMan is the thing you need today to have a complete analysis and understanding of what is happening in the swing.
David Leadbetter

The indoor Performance Studio has a full Trackman simulator

Take a lesson or play golf on some of the worlds best courses.

TrackMan 4 is the powerhouse that underpins the revolution in simulator golf. And our Virtual Golf version 2 from 2019 via its combination of radar and camera tracking has led to a paradigm-shift in the golf simulator experience that emulates down to the last detail, some of the best courses in the world.

That’s high-definition.

That’s power.

The worlds most accurate radar launch monitor.

Trackman has its own powerful swing and ball flight analysis tools. Trackman simulator now available at the studio play on some of the worlds most famous courses.


Students receive  a screencast of their lesson and this is stored in their own personal lock on


Individual, group and corporate rates available.