Junior Golf Camps

Junior camps run all year round.

The emphasis is on learning golf, improving fitness and having fun.
Juniors will learn the correct fundamentals of golf with all aspects of the swing  covered.
As well as developing the golf swing, the following will also be included in the camps:

  • short game skills will be developed,
  • pitching/chipping/bunker play
  • putting
  • skills competitions
  • introduction to the golf course and ettiquette
  • the rules
  • Tournaments

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All they need to know to have an enjoyable experience when thet go out to play. The academy has a hat system in place with the red hat being level one and like karate as their skill level improves they graduate to the next colour hat. Wayne is a qualified PGA professional and Junior coach with 20 years experience and also a Certified Titleist Performance Junior Coach.

The Junior Academy in Raffeen Creek Golf Club and The Cork Golf Centre

  • Fundamentals
  • Pitching/ Chipping/Skills Test
  • Putting/Green Reading
  • Bunkers/Skills Test
  • Woods & Irons
  • Course Management
  • Fitness screen and Athletic Development
  • Fundamental Movement Skills
  • Fundamental Sports skills
  • Juniors play the course
  • Short course idea way to be introduced to golf