Visit our new state of the art putting academy at the Cork Golf Centre. Students with have their putting analysed with the Capto 3D system and Quinticballroll. We also have a range of Bettinardi and Lynx putters that can be custom fitted for students.

Become a great putter by having a putting session and analysis.

Putting Lessons are only available for a minimum of 1 hour

To hole putts, developing consistency in your ball start line and speed control is key, with the ability to consistently control start line and adapt ball speed due to changing distances and slopes on greens.

We have a number of putting aids available from Visio Putting to help students with drills

CAPTO is a revolutionary new training and fitting system that gives golfers immediate and accurate data on their putting in real time and in real outdoor conditions.



Live Feedback.

All parameters are detected and displayed in real time.

300 frames per second for a detailed player analysis in different gaming conditions by distance and slope.

  • Face Angle
  • Loft Angle
  • Lie Angle
  • Stroke path
  • Attach angle
  • Launch
  • Trembling
  • Face Rotation
  • Shaft Rotation
  • Lie Rotation
  • Stroke direction acceleration 
  • Stroke height acceleration
  • Energy
  • Tempo
  • Face vs optimal
  • Shaft vs optimal
  • Lie vs optimal
  • Face to path
  • Shaft to arch
  • Handling


It works within a radius of 50 meters via wireless to play freely on the green.

CAPTO allows training at any time and in any weather.